Grain Training Institute

We offer Accredited Training Locally and Internationally in the Primary and Secondary Agriculture Industry as well as Specialised Services

Accredited Training & Specialised Services since 1999

We deliver specialised services and training regarding grain storage, handling, pest control, and quality control.

  • Registered AgriSETA Training Provider
  • Qualified Assessors & Moderator
  • Suppliers of grading & fumigation Equipment
  • Act as Experts in Court Cases
  • Verification of SAFEX Depots
  • BEE Registered

AgriSETA | Assessor | Moderator Certificates

  • Grain Training Institute AGRI/c prov/0202/08
  • Assessor AGRI/ASS/0683/08
  • Moderator AGRI/MOD/0496/08
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Professional Services Renderred

Specialised Services


  • Phosphine Fumigation
  • Ship Fumigation
  • Structure Fumigation
  • Isuing Fumigation Certificates
  • Design & Installation of closed circulation fumigation systems
  • Rodent Control
  • Drafting of Pest Control combating programs
  • Evaluation of Pest Control programs
Specialised Services


  • Determining Quality of Stored Agricultural Products
  • Obtaining representative samples in stored Agricultural Products
  • Evaluation of Grading Equipment
  • Evaluation of Personnel and Depot Activities
  • Testing for Aflatoxin, and Mycotoxins in Grain
Equipment on request

Grading and Fumigation Equipment

  • Bag, Bulk, and Pneumatic Probes
  • Grading Sieves
  • Fumigation Fans
  • Fumigation Equipment
  • Scales 0.1g / Persentage
  • Multiple-Slot Dividers
  • Fumigants and Contact Inecticides
  • Safety Equipment
  • Posters: Poisonous Seeds, Grain Insects
Specialised Services

Other Services

  • Hygiene Inspection of Grain Storage & Processing Facilities
  • Depot compliance for SAFEX
  • Act as expert in Court cases
  • Arbitration of disputes & quality standards