Formal Training Terms & Information

Candidates can register for the formal course with the following registration form (PDF):

Download Registration Form

Formal Course Training Program for 2022 can be downloaded here: (PDF):

Download Training Program 2022

Requirements for the presentation of a training course at institutions premises:

A minimum of 10 candidates are required for GTI to present a formal training course. In the case where a group of fewer than 10 candidates wishes to be trained, special arrangements can be made. Normally a tariff equal to 10 candidates will be charged.
Should the formal courses be presented other than indicated, the institution/s which requested the course are responsible for the following costs:

  • Rental/arrangement of the venue

  • Refreshments (including lunches for the candidates and GTI lector)

  • Traveling- and toll fees of the lecturer at the rate of GTI.

  • Accommodation and meals of the lecturer (depending on the venue)

  • Flight tickets and vehicle rental (depending on the venue)


All Training Courses are presented in both English and Afrikaans. With registration the candidate must indicate his/her language of preference, to provide a manual in their preferred language.

Enrolment arrangements:

To finalize arrangements and dates, you are requested to inform GTI with a written confirmation regarding the number of candidates and for which course they are to be enrolled. The following supporting documents are required when candidates are enrolled:

  • Fully Completed Registration Form
  • Copy of candidate’s Identification Document
  • All information of the Company & order number must be given to GTI, to enable the correct invoicing procedure.

Individual candidates must complete and sign the registration form available above, submit it to GTI with a copy of their ID document, before the training commences.
Candidates will be accommodated on a “first come first serve basis”. If the maximum number of candidates enrolled for a course is exceeded, the excess candidates may be transferred to another training date scheduled.
NB: Candidates must at all times be dressed neatly, no sandals, slops, or hats please.

Candidates must ensure that the following is in his / her possession:

  • Stationery
  • Pocket calculator (not cell phone calculator)
  • Notebook for summary/notes. 


Light lunch, Coffee / Tea are served daily at GTI (lunches are not served on Friday afternoons and/or if candidate does not attend the following course and leaves the premises before 12 o’clock). With registration of your candidate/s, lunches and other relevant costs, amounting to R190.00 per day, per candidate will be included on the invoice.

Accommodation bookings:

Accommodation bookings of your candidates are not handled by GTI. Candidates and their employers must make use of suitable accommodation at their discretion and GTI is not responsible for any shortcomings. For your convenience, hereunder contact details of guest houses in the area.

  • Casa de Ross | 082-552-2730 or 082-777-2646 |
  • Bentley’s Lodge | 012-542-1751 |
  • Petro’s Place |012-527-0033 or 084-550-6072 |
  • 4th Avenue Bed & Breakfast | 012-542-3033 or 083-654-6830 |
  • Ithilien’s Grace Guest House | 012 549 2262 or 079 892 2376 | 

Practical Assessment:

Candidates who have completed and passed the courses are responsible to apply for practical assessment within 2 years after completing the theoretical examinations. Should practical not take place within the given period of 2 years, the results will expire, and the module/s concerned must be repeated. During Practical Assessment it is expected of the candidate to apply the theoretical. Should the candidate fail practical assessment, the entire course must be repeated.

  • To comply with AgriSeta’s assessment requirements, the A1-A2 forms MUST be completed & returned to GTI to enable scheduling of assessment date.
  • As it is impossible for GTI to identify the venue where the practical assessment will be conducted beforehand, it is not possible to determine what the costs will amount to.
  • During practical assessment, the lecturers travelling, and accommodation costs will be billed pro-ratio against the institution or candidate/s that attended the practical assessment. 

Institutions are requested to budget for additional funds to cover the costs of the practical assessments.

Course fees:

Candidates who attend the formal training sessions and practical assessments are responsible for their traveling, accommodation, and refreshment costs.

  • Course fees / Conference facilities are exclusive of VAT.
  • Training fees are payable in advance and must be deposited into GTI’s account seven (7) days before the training commences. Proof of payment to be faxed or e-mailed to GTI’s office.
  • Candidates, who cancel within (7) seven days prior to the commencement of the training, remain responsible for the course fees, unless another candidate is nominated in his/her place.
  • Course fees funds paid into GTI’s account, will be forfeited, unless another candidate is nominated.
  • Course fees are not transferable from one course to another course or from one year to the next year.
  • Online registrations cannot be transferred from one registered candidate to another.

Cost Exclusions:

Course costs do not include the following and apply to training on all courses:

  • Do not include VAT
  • Do not include the candidate’s travelling, accommodation, meals and refreshment costs.
  • Do not include conference costs
  • Do not include Practical Evaluation costs of GTI lector (all travel related costs)
  • Do not include stationery or calculator


GTI’s policy and appeal procedure is available on request.

Refresher courses:

Refresher courses are presented according to your requirements. The costs for the respective refresher courses are as follows:

  • Maize grading | R 672.00 (1 Day)
  • Warehouse hygiene and rodent control | R 667.00 (1 Day)
  • Wheat grading | R 949.00 (1 Day)
  • Fumigation | R 949.00 (1 Day)
  • Sorghum | R 672.00 (1 Day)
  • Sunflower or Soya | R 646.00 (1 Day)
  • Dry Beans | R 949.00 (1 Day)

Institutions that request the refresher course, is responsible for the following costs:

  • Rental and arrangement of the venue
  • Refreshments (including lunches for the candidates and GTI lector)
  • Travelling- and toll fees of the lecturer at the rate of GTI.
  • Accommodation and meals of the lecturer (depending on the venue)
  • Flight tickets and vehicle rental (depending on the venue)

Formal training is available with the courses in the tables below:




For more information on Formal Training kindly contact Grain Training Institute at 012-546-9240 or email: